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A grab-bag of some of the greatest treasures from the CHUM archives!

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All CHUM photos, memorabilia and airchecks (except where noted) are from the official CHUM Archives.

Chart Archive

Click below to see every CHUM chart (front & back covers plus the inside chart information) from the first on May 27, 1957 until the last on June 7, 1986. Thanks to Ron Hall for his magnificent clean-up job on the charts.

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"Everybody told me it was wrong" -
Allan Waters

This site is a tribute to Allan Waters, the Waters family and everyone who worked at 1050 CHUM as a music station from 1957 until the music era ended in 2009.

Mr. Waters (everyone called him Mr. Waters) bought CHUM in December of 1954 and on May 27, 1957 launched Canada's first full-time rock and roll radio station. On this site you'll find bios of CHUM personalities, plus photos, airchecks, memorabilia and every CHUM chart (front/back/inside) in pristine condition.

A very special thanks to Jim Waters for his unwavering support of all things CHUM. Enjoy CHUMbugs!

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Aircheck Archive

Hear CHUM exactly how it sounded, from its earliest days as a rock 'n' roll station, to its later era as an oldies outlet!

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Get the scoop on Canada's original rock 'n' roll station!

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Personality Profiles

Capsule bios of the many personalities that helped make CHUM Radio One!

Al Boliska

Dave Johnson

John Spragge

Bob Laine

Mike Darow

Bob McAdorey

Brian Skinner

Jay Nelson

Duff Roman

Hal Weaver

Jack Armstrong

Chuck McCoy

Roger Ashby

Tom Rivers

Scott Carpenter

Terry Steele

John Majhor

Brian Henderson

Original CHUM Jocks

And many more!

The All-Time CHUM Jock List

Picture Gallery

Take a stroll down memory lane with these classic pics!

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