CHUM Pictures - '60s


         Boliska blabs while McAdorey milks (1962)                                Bob Laine points spear (1966)                          Bob McAdorey & Brian Skinner w/ Herman's Hermits (1966)


              CHUM marquee with United Way                                       Dick Clark at CHUM (May 26, 1963)                           Bob Laine gets letters, lots of letters (1962)


                                Allan Slaight, J.J. Richards, Paul McCartney, Dave Johnson (1964)                             Bob Laine, Jack Armstrong, Larry Solway at Mosport (1968)


Larry Solway broadcasting from outside 1331 Yonge                                            The CHUMingbirds                                                                Trudy Medcalf with the Beatles


    Pete Nordheimer with singer Lee Carson (1960)                                     Allan Waters on the phone                                                          Bob McAdorey up to his neck in letters


         Bob Laine in the CHUM booth (1960)                                      Brian Skinner with baby elephant (1963)                                     CHUM jocks and Dick Clark (1963)


      Dave Johnson with Bobby Curtola (1960)                                       Dick Hayes with school kids (1965)                                               Duff Roman at the CNE (1966)


"Jungle" Jay Nelson and Bob "Tarzan" McAdorey  (1964)                          Brian Skinner Grooveyard publicity shot                    Mike Darow with Al Boliska at Sportsmen's Show


  Moose Latreck with Charlie Chamberlain and                         Dick Clark with Dave Johnson at the CNE (August 21, 1963)      Bob McAdorey and Brian Skinner for CHUM's
  Marg Osbourne of Don Messer CBC television show (1960)                                                                                                                    Kid's Crusade (forerunner of CHUM Christmas Wish)


                    Dave Johnson (1960)                                         Peter Noone with Duff Roman and Doug Thompson (1966)                              Michael Cranston (1967)


                Dick Hayes on remote (1967)                                                    Hal Weaver in the control room                                            Bob McAdorey & Jay Nelson (1964)


              John Spragge publicity shot                                                                Bob Laine - The Night Creature                                      Brian Skinner with Spencer Davis as CNE (1967)


         CHUM jocks as Boy Scouts (1962)                             John Spragge welcomes new announcer Bob McAdorey (1961)                                CHUM billboard


Peter Dickens, Bill Drylie, Earl Bradford, Derek Lind (1960)      Al Boliska at the CHUM satellite station at the CNE        Allan Slaight accepts BES award from Ralph Snelgrove
                                                                                                                             (Copyright 1960 Doug Thompson)


            CHUM City at the CNE (1967)                                       Pete Nordheimer and Dave Johnson go carting (1960)                                        Ed The Mic (1965)


               CHUM marquee with Super Shopping Spres                               Autographed Brian Skinner promo pic                                       Bob McAdorey promo pic (1961)


Beatles Toronto news conference at Maple Leaf  Gardens         Bob McAdorey and Trudy Medcalf at Beatles concert (1964)                  Dave Johnson billboard (1961)
with CHUM mic in front of Paul McCartney (1964)


                     Mike Darow with Bobby Curtola at CNE                      Jay Nelson with the CHUM chicks at the CNE (1965)                        Bob Laine on coffee table (1961)


 Tayler "Hap" Parnaby at New York's Central Station                    Jay Nelson outside Maple Leaf Gardens at                                Larry Solway and Garry Ferrier (1961)
                                                                                                                         Beatles concert (September 7, 1964)


    Duff Roman and Michael Cranston on stage (1967)                             The CHUMingbirds with Bobby Curtola               Dick Clark with the Parade of Stars (July, 1963)


               CHUM's Millie Moriak (l) with Al Boliska                              Allan Waters with Shopsy's Sam Shopsowitz                     Bob McAdorey holds some 45 RPM records (1964)
                       and four CHUM 45 RPM winners 


         CHUM billboard - Anywhere, everywhere                                        CHUM models display DJ sign (1962)                                            Bob McAdorey (l) Mike Darow
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    with Bobby Vinton holding gold record (1962)


 John Horan (l) of CHUM's The Liverpool School                                               And the CHUM chicks too!                       Chatter, the CHUM chimp, with music librarian Millie Moriak
                  with Terry Black (1964)


       CHUM DJ's walk for Easter Seals (1961)                       J.J. Richards (holding microphone) with Bob McAdorey                             CHUM DJ's on ice
                                                                               and Mike Darow (2nd from right in pool) at charity swim event


Dave Johnson, Freddie Cannon & Dick Clark                                                 Jack Arnstrong (1968)                                          Larry Solway Speak Your Mind publicity photo
(May 27, 1963)


      Dave Johnson and Dick Clark (May 1963)                                                  CHUM billboard                                                                 Moose Latreck PSA (1962)



                         Pete Nordheimer rolling off a log at the Sportsmen Show                                                                  CHUM transmitter site (1964)


               Bob Laine is back sign (1962)                                                    Bob McAdorey billboard                                                Brian Skinner (c) with Don and Phil Everly (1967)


                    CHUM billboard                                                               CHUM master control room (1965)                               CHUM's Tribute To Toronto master tape box cover


                   Hal Weaver in control room                                      Al Boliska attempts to fill up an elephant  (1961)      Brian Skinner with CHUM's High School Hit Picker winners (1963)


    Allan Waters & CHUM Chief Engineer George Jones       Jim Backus a.k.a. Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Island (1961)               Dave Johnson in football uniform (1963)
     accept delivery of the new CHUM transmitter (1964)


Bob Laine & John Spragge at the Sportsmen's Show                                     Bob McAdorey cleans up                                               Bob McAdorey & Johnny Tillotson (1963)


         Bob Laine at the Sportsmen's Show                                The CHUMmingbirds on stage for the CBC (1963)                              Duff Roman at record hop (1967)


       Allan Waters & Allan Slaight across the street                      "Jungle" Jay Nelson with foliage (1963)                                  Larry Solway broadcasts from hospital bed
                        from 1331 Yonge (1963)


          Dick Clark joins CHUM (1963)                                                   Dick Hayes CHUM publicity photo (1965)                                Jay Nelson models the man dress


        Pierre Berton and Larry Solway (1961)                          Mike Darow up in car at Golden Mile Chevrolet (1960)                         Beatles Toronto press conference (1966)


            Bob Laine Easter Seals basketball game                                              CHUM Billboard bathtub                                         Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson at a CHUM mic




                 Jay Nelson & Bob McAdorey with                                      CHUM News Peter Dickens at microphone              Bob McAdorey w/ Eva Kolchic Miss Toronto Sound (1965)          
                     CHUM Chicks at CNE (1965)


 CHUM salesman Ray Armstrong - the voice of Scrooge              CHUM News Paul Akehurst Ottawa Bureau Chief                          CHUM traffic reporter Hartley Hubbs


                         Dick Hayes in costume (1967)                                                    Dick Hayes on-air (1967)                                                 Dick Hayes Theatre Party crowd (1967)


    The CHUM Satellite Station goes to the beach                                                 Another CHUM winner                                        Bob McAdorey models Tee Kays jeans photo (1967)


  Dave Johnson (l) & Bob Laine at Ice Capades (1960)                               Al Boliska at charity event                                        Al Boliska (l) & Dave Johnson at Ice Capades


CHUM's Morning Mayor Al Boliska (r) with                           Trudy Medcalf with Dave 'Mop Top' Johnson (1964)      (l-r) Al Boliska, John Spragge, Mike Darow, Dave Johnson
deli-lightful meats from Lou the butcher (1961)


                                                              John Spragge CHUM publicity photo                                           Mike Darow CHUM publicity photo


                                                   CHUM's Larry Solway Speak Your Mind filmed by CBC.                                 Mike Darow with CHUM Chicks
                                                   Producer Doug Thompson in white shirt and tie is behind the glass


                                                                        John Spragge CHUM billboard (1960)                                   1960's CHUM Chopper over Lake Ontario    


                  CHUM's John Spragge (l) with Jim Reeve at CHUM's satellite station at the CNE (1960)               The Larry Solway bus tour of Kensington Market


Duff Roman, Nancy Rivers-Cameron, Bob McAdorey                                                             Merrilee, Hal Weaver and Nancy-Rivers Cameron at the CNE (1968)
and John Spragge at the CNE (1967)                                                                                                                                                                                         
(photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)                                                                                                (photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)


  Nancy Rivers-Cameron with Gary Duke at the CNE (1968)                                                                       The CHUM Chicks at the CNE (1968)
         (photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)                                                                                          (photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)


 Nancy Rivers-Cameron, Chuck McCoy and Roz (1969)              Nancy Rivers-Cameron with Jay Nelson                   CHUM Chicks with Lorna Anderson at the CNE (1968)
                                                                                                                            at the CNE (August 1967)                                          
 (photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)
          (photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)                              (photo courtesy of Nancy Rivers-Cameron)         



1960's CHUM 1050 hockey team, Mike Darow                                      1960's CHUM Money Tree Promotion display                               CHUM writer Gary Ferrier in his office
Al Boliska, Peter Dickens & Bob McAdorey


            Chatter the CHUM Chimp loves CHUM                            CHUM cruiser and Satellite Station in parade, 1960                           1960's CHUM's Al Boliska in parade


Larry Solway (with stick) and listener enjoy a meal                                   CHUM News Larry Wilson
together and Kensington Market