CHUM Pictures - '80s


                                                                Samantha Houston, Robbie Evans, Brian Henderson, Bob Magee                      Brian Henderson doing research                                             Newsman Larry Wilson (1986)


                                                                                    News director Brian Thomas                                                                       Gregg Lee (1984)                                            Mike Holland on guitar (1980s)


WKBW-TV anchor Irv Weinstein arrives at CHUM (1988)                Irv Weinstein outside the CHUM studios (1988)                          Irv Weinstein and the CHUM crew


Irv Weinstein with Gerry Forbes                                                                  Irv Weinstein with Mike Tennant (1988)                                     Irv Weinstein in CHUM studio (1988)
and CHUM writer Mike Tennant (1988)


      Irv Weinstein "Irv 88" campaign (1988)                                This is CHUM's Bob Magee ... it is not Mick Jagger             Brian Henderson, Gerry Forbes and Mary Garafalo


                                                        CHUM News Director Brian Thomas on phone in his office                           Leo in CHUM engineering


                Gerry Forbes with parrot                                                         Gord James at charity baseball game                              CHUM general manager J. Robert Wood


Fred Sherratt (2nd from left) with Brad Jones, Jim Waters                 Jay Nelson and Dick Smyth at Jay's final show         Jay Nelson with Mr. and Mrs. Waters during final          
and Roger Ashby during Jay Nelson's final CHUM broadcast                                                                                                       morning show (December 24, 1980)
(December 24, 1980)


  Jay with general manager/VP Fred Sherratt                                   Jay Nelson with Duff Roman on Jay's final show                          Jay Nelson with Fred Sherratt (centre)


     John Majhor and Mike Holland outside CHUM                     Mike Holland and Roger Ashby (March 19, 1985)                                      Terry Steele on the air


                 Bob Magee, Samantha Houston and Robbie Evans                                                            


               1980s production manager Bob McMillan,                                                                                                                   Russ McLoud at CHUM event
                 Fred Flintstone, morning man Gerry Forbes       


                                                                          Amber Payie on location                                         CHUM Program Director Jim Waters in his office                           Gerry Forbes & CHUM listener who
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        won Gerry Forbes money


                                                            The 1050 CHUM traffic plane                            CHUM Program Director Brad Jones (l) and Jack Dennis                     Samantha Houston at CHUM promotion



                                                                                    Bob Magee                                                                                 Jeanne Beker                                                                                Mike Holland snapshot


                                                    CHUM newsroom Dan Turner, Mike Cleaver,                                    CHUM engineer Lubo Mazarenko                     Favourites of Yesterday & Today morning man Don Percy (1986)
                                                                  Larry Wilson, Paul Cross


                                                        Gerry Forbes & CHUM salesman Perry Lansing