CHUM Pictures - '70s


       Bay City Rollers car starts to leave CHUM (1976)                 Bay City Rollers car is going, going, almost gone (1976)                Bay City Rollers car engulfed by fans (1976)        


  Jim Van Horne & Mark Edwards (a.k.a. Bob Magee)        Daryl B & Mike Love wearing a CHUM Star Sign (1976)              Roger Ashby as Sherlock Holmes (1970)


                                    Allan Waters outside CHUM building (1977)                                                                                CHUM billboard (1976)


 Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons wearing CHUM Starsigns (1976)      Dick Smyth in his CHUM newsroom office                                          Mike Holland on the air


         CHUM newsmen Mark Dailey (l) and Ed Mason            Tom Rivers at City Hall for CHUM Chart cover  (Dec. 1/73)                             Terry Steele in memory


                       Terry Steele taking a peek                                              Chuck McCoy promoting the Top 100 of 1972                                                     CHUM patch


         (l-r) Mike Cleaver, Bob McMillan, Jim Van Horne                                    Jay Nelson with two models                                CHUM National Sales Wes Armstrong with
               unknown woman, Warren Cosford, Tom Rivers                                                                                                                                       salesman Harvey Dobbs


                                              Daryl B                                                                                          Duke Roberts                                                                  Faye and Pam (1977)


                                      Chuck McCoy with bikini girl (1972)                                                                                 CHUM Christmas Wish marquee, 1970s   


                         Scott Carpenter with mail bag                                                   Terry Steele looking for clues                                                             Tom Rivers having a laugh


Sign promoting Mike Cooper Ferris wheel marathon (1975)                            Bob McMillan in studio (1974)                                                               John Rode


             Boz Skaggs with Daryl B. and Jim Waters                                                  Three CHUM models (1974)                                          Bay City Rollers news conference (1976)


                       Duke Roberts (1972)                                             Graffiti parade with Scott Carpenter in white suit (1974)                                    John Gilbert at the mic


                Mike Cooper with camera                                                              Taking a shine to Scott Carpenter                                                        Newsman Bob Kennedy


Chuck McCoy with woman outside CHUM building (1972)                                      Newsman Jon Belmont                            And here's how things look to Dick Smyth this morning (1971)


                    CHUM chick dances with fan                                                John Majhor in CHUM shirt (1976)                                       Roger Ashby with Karen Smith-Beverly



              Wolfman Jack at Nathan Phillips Square (1976)                 Tom Rivers - ship-shape and rockin' the deck                                           Tom Rivers, Mike Cleaver, et al


               Terry Steele rocks Toronto                                                 Scott Carpenter keeping his fans warm                                              Roger Ashby with the Bee Gees


       Roger Ashby and Bobby Vee (1975)                                                         Pat St. John kneeling by car                                                    Johnny Mitchell with Carpenters   


             Mike Holland getting a coffee                                                      Mike Cooper publicity photo                                                                John Rode in car


         John Majhor in CHUM shirt (1975)                                                        John Gilbert on-air                                                    Father Jay Nelson outside the CHUM building


           Jim Van Horne calling the CHUM Hitline                                          Jay Nelson with Gordie Howe                     Mark Edwards (a.k.a. Bob Magee) with CHUM winner


                 Allan Waters with Johnny Wayne                                                     Mark Edwards a.k.a. Bob Magee                                           Pierre Trudeau on John Gilbert's show   


               Roger Ashby, Bob McMillan and                                             Chuck McCoy & another CHUM winner                                     Mike Holland CHUM publicity photo
            Larry McInness, unknown at CKVR


Comedians Wayne & Shuster open a new Gulf stations     Burton Cummings wearing his CHUM shirt surrounded by beauty                          CNE summer midway
    while CHUM's Tom Rivers (2nd from left) looks on


            CHUM Christmas Wish headquarters sign              CHUM Production Manager Bob McMillan & producer Zeke Zdebiak                      Mike Cooper


           CHUM Star Sign display (1976)                                               Duke Roberts with CHUM winner                                            Jay Nelson promotes Top 100 of 1972


            Jim Van Horne publicity photo                                John Rode & a bevy of beauties - the CHUM Hit Line girls                     Mike Cooper CNE Ferris Wheel (August 1975)


                                                                 (l-r) CHUM executive team J. Robert Wood,                                 Roger Ashby & Carol Wood (wife of program director                  
                                                                        Allan Waters & Fred Sherratt                                                              J. Robert Wood) with The Bay City Rollers


Allan Waters (l) with Gordon Lightfoot (November 1977)              Charlotte Hunter at CHUM Caravan (1971)                 CHUM Newsman Richard Scott outside CHUM building


                                                          Freddy Cannon, Myron St. John, Mike Kurnick                                             Maryanne in CHUM cruiser during parade
                                                    Wolfman Jack, Roger Ashby & Bobby Vee (May 27, 1977)


                                                                          Bob Kennedy, model & Dick Smyth                                                       Newsman Mike Cleaver                                         

                                                                                                                                       CHUM jock montage (1970)


                                                                Dan Plouffe, former CHUM board operator and                                               CHUM beach towel (1972)
                                                           producer in one of the CHUM production studios (1972)

                                                                                                                        CHUM's Dave Charles with Keith Hampshire
                                                                                                                                      outside the CHUM building
                                                                                                                                  (Copyright John Robert Rowlands)