CHUM Pictures - '90s


         (l-r) Producer Doug Kirkwood, Nanci Krant,                                  Andy K with Neil Sedaka                                                 CHUM 40th anniversary, May 25, 1997
          newsman Doug Beaumont & Brian Henderson


    Bob, Sam & Robbie with listeners at Abbey Road                          CHUM 40th anniversary (May 25, 1997)                             Russ McLoud with Davy Jones of the Monkees     
                           (December 5, 1994)


       Dan Michaels with Paul McCartney (1991)                                          Doug Beaumont CHUM news                                  1050 CHUM program director Jim Waters in his office


 1050 CHUM production director Zeke Zdebiak                            CHUM 40th anniversary (May 25, 1997)                                            Andy K. (r) with Cliff Richard
        and Creative Director Larry McInnis


                           Mark Paine                                                                     North York Winter Carnival with Robbie Evans & Samantha Houston (1995)


              Samantha Houston on remote                                              40th anniversary cake (May 25, 1997)              Wolfman Jack with CHUM's Mark Paine with Amber Payie (2nd left)


        1050 CHUM's Friday Morning Beatlerama Breakfast             1050 CHUM's Robbie Evans with young fan                    1050 CHUM's Dan Michaels & Ross Davies (r) with
                                           October 7, 1995                                                                     on remote location                                                   
         Paul McCartney in studio (1991)


                                           Russ McLoud                                                                          Dan Michaels