CHUM Pictures - '50s


 Al Boliska (l) & Dave Johnson with the Kalin Twins          Al Boliska & Pete Nordheimer at the Toronto Symphony       Mike Darow & Bob Laine at Honest Ed's Dancethon


                   CHUM display for Templeton's TRC                                    John Spragge, the homemakers friend                    Allan Slaight & newsman Derek Lind with unknown listener



            1957 Harvey Dobbs promotional picture                                1958 Pete Nordheimer promotional picture                                     CHUM mink stole promotion                                


      Allan Waters & Phil Stone with CHUM listeners                                Al Boliska with Fabian (1959)                          Bob Laine & Dave Johnson support the Heart Fund (1959)


           CHUM subway ad for Aerowax (1958)                                                     Ontario Teachers Federation Award (1959)


                 Dave Johnson with the Platters                                                                  CHUM newsroom (1959)                                               Al Boliska and newsman Harve Kirk


                                                                          Bob Laine CHUM proofs (1959)                                                                Allan Waters accepting award                                                      


                   CHUM Hostess subway ad (1959)                                                   Al Boliska with Johnny Cash (1959)                                    Al Boliska with Marty Robbins (1959)


                                                CHUM satellite station at CNE (1959)                                                                                                             Jay Jackson (1957-58)


       Connie Francis (l) and Dave Johnson (1959)                                  JJ Richards and actor Clint Walker (1959)                                             Al Boliska filling potholes


       CHUM satellite station at Volvo dealership                                        Hi Fi Club with Conway Twitty (1959)                            Hank Noble (CHUM's first all-night DJ) (1957)


                John Spragge on his marathon walk                              Mike Darow & John Spragge bowling (1959)                               John Spragge on remote broadcast (1958)
                         for Crippled Children (1957)


                  Mike Darow and Gary Ferrier at                                                  CHUM ad for Suppertime Frozen Foods                                        Mailbags of CHUM contest entries
          Battle of Queenston Heights photo shoot (1959)


                                                              Dave Johnson and Tommy Ambrose (1959)                                        John Spragge about to tee off on Al Boliska's head    


              CHUM Lucky Wishbone contest (1959)                                 Al Boliska with Johnny Cash proof (1959)                                Dave Johnson in studio at 250 Adelaide (1958)


                           Harvey Kirck (1959)                                         Al Boliska, John Spragge, Mike Darow and Dave Johnson         Sportsmen's Show (from left) with Al Boliska, Pete
                                                                                                                     with Salvation Army representative (1958)                        Nordheimer, John Spragge, Phil Stone and Bob Laine
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              with Mike Darow in suit (1959)


                                       John Spragge, Phil Stone and Millie Moriak at remote (1958)                                          Garry Ferrier (l) and Mike Darow (in tree) promoting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Battle of Queenston Heights


         Al Boliska not looking happy at the CNE (1959)                    John Spragge walks for Crippled Children                                         Al Boliska about to enter ring to (1959)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           wrestle Whipper Billy  Watson (1959)


Al Boliska enters the ring at Maple Leaf Gardens                                            Just before the match (1959)                                                      Al Boliska struts his stuff (1959)
preceeded by CHUM Promotion Director Allen Farrell (l)
and DJ Bob Laine (r) (1959)


                                                                       Whipper Watson whips Al Boliska (1959)                                Al Boliska with John Spragge at Sportsmen's Show (1959)


     Dave Johnson at Furniture Fair remote (1959)                      Dave Johnson with HI-Fi Club members (1958)                                           Mike Darow on remote (1959)


            Hank Noble and his band (1957)                       John Spragge and boy in hospital with Rock and Roll Valentine     Millie Moriak in barrel as two young boys look on (1959)


Phil Stone at Maple Leafs hockey game for Red Cross            Pete Nordheimer fishing at the Sportmen's Show (1959)                                CHUM newsman Rennie Heard


                                                                   Al Boliska hunting grouse at Sportsman's Show (1959)               J.J. Richards in fur hat (l) and Al Boliska in space helmet (r) compete at a soapbox derby


                                                                                                 CHUM newsman Neil Thomas (l), CHUM model and Mike Darow (r)                                 CHUM's Josh King & Elvis Presley (1957)