Dick Hayes (1965-67)

What's in a name?

Just ask Dick Hayes, who was truly a man of many on-air monikers.

Just before his arrival at CHUM in the fall of 1965, he had been Dick Haase (same pronunciation, different spelling) at WWTC Minneapolis-St. Paul. When he left CHUM in the fall of 1967, he went to KOL Seattle as Jeff Boeing (the promo KOL used was "KOL has acquired Boeing!"). He jocked at WXYZ Detroit as Jack Hayes in 1968, and the following year he popped up again at WNBC New York under yet another name, Jack Hayes. In the '80s and '90s, he reappeared as Richard D., on WHND "Honey Radio" in Monroe, Michigan, where he was PD/air personality until 1994.

At CHUM, he was Dick Hayes. He replaced Mike Darow, who was moving to ABC as a game show host, in the 1-4 shift. Hayes was the first new Monday-Friday hire at CHUM since Jay Nelson replaced Al Boliska in late 1963. Yes, Brian Skinner replaced Dave Johnson in the 7-10 slot around the same time Hayes replaced Darow, but "The Prez" had already been doing weekends/swing at CHUM.

The man born Richard Haase joined Greater Media Detroit as a Senior Information Systems Analyst in 1980. He retired in 2010 after 30 years with the company.

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